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Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Blended Learning

At Maketric, we believe in the power of blending innovation with tradition, and that’s precisely what our Blended Learning approach embodies. It’s a harmonious fusion of the best of both worlds, combining the strengths of in-person instruction with the flexibility and reach of digital resources.

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Reimagine education with Maketric's Flipped Classroom Training Model. Our Blended Learning approach empowers learners, engaging and fostering deeper understanding.

Tailored Approaches

Craft bespoke Blended Learning solutions for complex projects, ensuring your unique needs are met.

Tech Integration

Our tech-savvy approach seamlessly merges digital solutions with traditional methods, resulting in a perfect fit for your organization.

Creative Engagement

Ignite engagement and learning with our creative brilliance. We transform ordinary content into extraordinary experiences.

Global Delivery

From local to global, we deliver Blended Learning projects across diverse languages and cultures, always on time.

Why Blended Learning?

Blended Learning provides the flexibility for learners to engage with content at their own pace while still benefiting from the guidance of expert instructors. It’s a versatile approach that suits diverse learning styles and schedules, making it an ideal choice for modern education and corporate training.

Our Approach to Blended Learning: Innovative and Inclusive

At Maketric, we embrace the diverse facets of Blended Learning, and one of our core approaches is the Flipped Classroom Training Model. This innovative method flips traditional teaching on its head, promoting active engagement, interaction, and deeper learning.

In this approach, we reverse the roles of traditional teaching. Learners are introduced to new content through self-paced, interactive digital modules before in-person sessions. This pre-learning stage allows them to grasp foundational concepts independently.

Then, during the face-to-face sessions, we enable the instructors to facilitate discussions, answer questions, and delve into complex topics. This interactive classroom time is devoted to application, problem-solving, and reinforcing understanding, ensuring learners are actively involved in their education.

Key benefits of our approach:

Active Engagement

Learners are more engaged during in-person sessions as they've already been introduced to the material.

Flexible Learning

Self-paced online modules accommodate various learning styles and schedules.

Deeper Understanding

Instructors can focus on practical application, critical thinking, and addressing individual concerns.

By incorporating our Blended Learning approach, we provide a holistic and effective learning experience that caters to diverse needs and maximizes training outcomes.

Join us in reimagining the learning experience. Maketric’s Blended Learning approach brings together the best of offline and online education, creating a dynamic and effective learning ecosystem that empowers learners to succeed.

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