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Navigating the eLearning Revolution

4P Learning Framework

At Maketric, we’re not just creators of eLearning materials; we’re architects of transformative learning experiences. Our unique 4P Learning Framework — Plan, Prototype, Produce, Progress — is the guiding star that propels us into the future of education. It’s a roadmap that combines innovation, precision, and excellence, delivering a dynamic learning journey for both educators and learners.

4P Learning Framework

Welcome to a world where every step leads to a brighter learning future. The 4P Learning Framework empowers you with comprehensive control across all development facets, effectively streamlining costs and minimizing project management time. Join us on this revolutionary journey, where learning isn’t just a process; it’s a progression towards mastery.


Plan: The Foundation of Excellence

Meticulous Planning: Every project begins with a meticulous planning phase. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and objectives. This phase lays the groundwork for a tailored eLearning solution.

Prototype: Where Ideas Come to Life

Crafting Engaging Prototypes: Innovation thrives in our prototype stage. We breathe life into your ideas, creating engaging prototypes that allow you to visualize the final product and make informed decisions.

Produce: Bringing Learning to Life

Content Comes to Life: In the production phase, we take your concepts and turn them into dynamic, interactive eLearning materials. Our team of experts combines creativity and technology to create captivating content.

Progress: The Journey Continues

Continuous Improvement: Learning is a journey, not a destination. Our commitment to progress means we don’t stop once the materials are delivered. We continually assess, adapt, and enhance to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

Experience the Benefits of Our 4P Learning Framework

Our 4P Learning Framework is your pathway to a multitude of benefits that set your eLearning experiences apart:

Enhanced Innovation

Our framework fosters innovation at every turn. From meticulously planning your learning materials to crafting engaging prototypes, bringing content to life, and embracing continuous progress, we infuse innovation into every phase.

Exceptional Engagement

Our framework places a strong emphasis on learner engagement. We design every element with the learner in mind, aiming to go beyond comprehension to foster true engagement with the material.


In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, our framework keeps you future-ready. It’s designed to adapt and evolve with changing educational needs, ensuring that your learning materials remain relevant and effective.

Exceptional Outcomes

Customization and transparency pave the way for exceptional results. By following the 4P Framework, we ensure your eLearning materials surpass expectations, leading to delighted clients.

Client-Centric Collaboration

Within our 4P Framework, collaboration is key. Our expert team guides you through every stage, ensuring your precise needs and desired outcomes are at the forefront of our process.


Say goodbye to surprises. Our framework prioritizes transparency and client control. You’ll always know where your project stands, both financially and in terms of progress.

Comprehensive Control

Enjoy comprehensive control across all development facets. We empower you to streamline costs while minimizing project management time. With our framework, you dictate the direction, ensuring that your learning materials align perfectly with your goals.

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